Resources for students on programs disrupted by COVID-19


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Mental Health and Wellness

University Health Services (UHS)

UHS continues to offer services for students abroad remotely including Virtual Processing Spaces, Virtual Let’s Talk, and more.


YOU@WISC is an online portal, specifically designed for UW-Madison to foster student success in three domains: Succeed, Thrive, and Matter.

Center for Healthy Minds

Engage in the resources developed by UW-Madison’s Center for Healthy Minds specific to COVID-19, including live meditations and the webinar Cultivating Purpose in Uncertain Times.

Mindfulness Guided Practices

Explore these free online tools through UW Health at your own pace and interests.

Process and Reflect

API Toolkit

This toolkit is built specifically for students who were studying abroad and had to return home during the semester.  It offers reflection and activities on change management and resilience, community engagement and advocacy, empathy, intercultural learning, leadership, mindfulness and strategic planning.

AIFS Abroad Workbook on Navigating Uncertainty

This workbook provides tools and resources for reflecting on your experience and the impact COVID-19 has had on you.

Resources from the Gilman Scholarship Program

The Gilman Scholarship Program created this packet with a number of resources and reflection prompts to help you reflect on your experience overseas (however brief it may have been), cope with stress and anxiety, and articulate what you learned from your program and early return. It was created for study abroad students who had been awarded the Gilman Scholarship, but anyone could benefit from the resources and short reflection tools.

Satisfy your Wanderlust

Even if we can’t physically travel right now, it hasn’t tempered our wanderlust. Here are some resources to help transport you to faraway places.

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Share Your Story

UW Archives:  Documenting COVID-19

Share your story and impact with the UW Archives to be part of history.

Returned Student Profile

Complete a Returned Student Profile to share your experiences abroad and help us showcase the diversity of UW-Madison study abroad programs. Submit your profile under the “Share My Experience” tab of your MyStudyAbroad account.

Program Evaluation

Complete your program evaluation. You will receive more information via email when your evaluation is available to be completed.

Stay Connected

Reach out to your Study Abroad Peers

Continue to find connection with your study abroad cohort virtually. Maybe you could set up an online social time to connect and check in with those you met abroad. Ask how their experience has been coming back home. Find a buddy in one of your online classes and engage together on the course content.

Network with program staff virtually

Have you remained in communication with your program staff? Even though you are not onsite, consider connecting with the staff back in your host country to ask about the current situation and impact, or to just remain engaged for future opportunities to return.

Continue your language learning online

Connect with organizers of UW language conversation groups to see if they are meeting virtually and explore resources to help you continue your language learning remotely.

Keep up to date with world events

Career Planning

SuccessWorks at the College of Letters & Science has launched Badgers on Track, a collection of virtual summer programs to help students build networking skills, gain experience, and secure jobs and internship opportunities.

Virtual Advising

Our team of UW Study Abroad advisors is available to meet with you through virtual appointments.

Enroll in a Course

Build your experience into your courses. Do you have a final project coming due for your online courses? Is there a way to build in your experience to your work (conducting an interview, building in details related to your time abroad, etc.)?

Enroll in a course focusing on international topics, your study abroad host country or the language you were set to study. There are many internationally focused courses on campus, and these are just a few to consider!

Summer 2020 courses: