Kade Hagen

Credentials: Trondheim, Norway

Position title: Engagement Intern

Kade took part in an engineering exchange at Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet (NTNU) for the fall semester of 2021. His participation in classes that he would not be able to take anywhere else spurred new passions within him. One of these passions, the field of medical imaging systems, is what Kade intends to pursue after graduation. Kade lived in off campus housing with both international students and Norwegian students. Living with people from 4 continents in one apartment, he was introduced to many different cultures all while being immersed in the culture of the city he was living in. He worked hard to make connections with those around him and with other members of the school and community. Kade learned both how to communicate and understand others despite differences in origin, upbringing, and language. After putting in the effort to build his life there, Kade came back with new passions, connections across the world, and the skills, patience, and desire to make more.