Sara Lieburn

Position title: Senior Study Abroad Enrollment Manager


319 Red Gym

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As a Senior Enrollment Specialist Advisor, I manage the application and acceptance process for programs on 5 continents. I also work to convert all credits and grades a student earns abroad and apply these to their UW-Madison transcript. I am a UW-Madison J-School alum, and I participated on the University of Leeds Exchange program the spring semester of my senior year, graduating abroad. I had never been abroad before, and I had never lived outside of Wisconsin. That experience has proved to be one of the most meaningful and formative of my life. It inspired me to pursue a career in support of international higher education. Working to grow my skillset, I earned a Master of Letters in Management from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. My dissertation explored tuition setting at US public universities, using UW-Madison as a case study, and considering the financial and socio-political factors involved. I began working in International Academic Programs in 2016. I love that my journey has brought me full-circle to support connections between our community and the world.