Keira Obert

Position title: CALS Engagement Intern

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Program: SFS Wildlife Management & Wildlife Research in Tanzania

Major: Wildlife Ecology

Certificate: Photography, Environmental Studies, Leadership


Keira spent the spring semester of 2023 in Rhotia, Tanzania at the School for Field Studies Center for Wildlife Management. As a wildlife ecology student, Keira has always been interested in wildlife conservation and wanted to broaden her global perspective on wildlife research. She gained hands-on experience with field research techniques, formed meaningful connections with the local community, and conducted a research project on indigenous climate change adaptations. Given the knowledge she gained abroad, both in and out of the classroom, Keira is eager to continue researching wildlife conservation in settings that transcend the western perspective. Since returning to continue studying at UW-Madison, Keira feels like her study abroad experience has only benefited her academic experience and professional development. She encourages all students to learn in an environment that asks them to step outside of their comfort zone- that is where we learn the most!