Erika Spivack

Credentials: Florence, Italy

Position title: Engagement Intern

profile picture of Erika Spivack

Erika spent the Spring semester of her junior year studying in Florence, Italy. While in Florence she took courses on Italian food and culture, Italian language and literature. Erika attended a UW Signature program, meaning that a UW professor traveled to Italy with her and her peers and taught a course for the attending students. Erika did not speak Italian prior to studying in Florence but found it incredibly rewarding when she was able to communicate with Italian locals after just a few short weeks. While in Florence Erika volunteered at the Great Synagogue of Florence in the childcare center and was able to further practice speaking the local language. Along with engaging in academic and professional development while abroad, Erika had the opportunity to travel to other cities with her program such as Bologna and Siena. Studying abroad was an experience Erika dreamed about since she was young. She feels privileged to have gained a greater insight into Italian culture and experienced what some would call a once in a lifetime opportunity.