Important Information for UW-Madison Students Participating on Non-approved Program

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To UW-Madison students who transfer or intend to transfer credit for coursework completed abroad on a non-approved international program (NAP):

Your decision to participate in a non-approved international program is purely voluntary and not required to complete your degree at UW-Madison. UW-Madison does not operate this non-approved international program nor does it review or vet non-approved international programs for quality or health, safety, and security. Further, UW-Madison disclaims any express or implied warranty of non-approved international programs, except for the limited purposes of determining whether credit from the non-approved program might be eligible for transfer to UW-Madison (note this is not the same as determining whether individual courses will transfer, which cannot be decided until after the course work has been completed).

As you are participating on this non-approved program as an independent citizen not associated with your enrollment as a UW-Madison student, UW-Madison will not be a point of contact point for you for any issues encountered by you related to your participation in this program. UW-Madison will not communicate with you on matters of personal safety or well-being and may not be monitoring your program’s location.

UW-Madison’s responsibility towards students participating on non-approved international programs is limited to the credit-transfer process only, managed through the Office of the Registrar, as follows:

  • Determine whether the non-approved international program is transcript by an accredited institution.
  • Maintain a website with information and the various steps for students regarding the transfer of credit service, including the evaluation of course equivalent requests, available at
  • Communicate with students regarding the transfer credit services;
  • Provide information on the re-entry process to UW-Madison for students participating on a non-approved international program for a semester or longer;

UW-Madison specifically is not providing the following services:

  • Vetting non-approved international programs and disclaims any express or implied warranty of non-approved international programs
  • Providing any opinion regarding the health, safety, and security of the program and locality where the non-approved international program will take place.
  • Providing any opinion regarding the health, safety, and security or the quality of the housing, transportation, food service, health care, or other conditions of the non-approved international program.
  • Providing ANY emergency assistance to you while abroad, including but not limited to, emergency assistance in the following areas: health care, recovery or replacement of any of my lost or damaged personal property, transportation, evacuation, repatriation, reporting a crime, crime victim services, or legal assistance if arrested/charged with a crime or information regarding developing risks or threats to your well-being.
  • You assume full legal and financial responsibility for your participation in the non-approved study abroad program to which you have voluntarily applied.
  • Accident and health insurance as well as insurance for medical evacuation and repatriation that are applicable inside and outside of the United States are recommended when voluntarily choosing to participate in a non-approved study abroad program. You are ultimately responsible for reviewing and obtaining insurance sufficient for your needs while overseas and for treatment in the event you return to the United States for medical treatment during or after the program