Study Abroad and Study Away Handbook

We are excited to work with you to help make your experience as meaningful as possible. Our staff considers advising a collaborative process, and ultimately, you are responsible for being an active and educated participant as you prepare for your program.

Prepare Yourself!

One of the biggest regrets many participants have is their lack of research and preparation before departure. Your experience is an investment in your education as well as your future. Think about preparing your mind for the journey, as well as your suitcase. A few hours spent reviewing your program materials, as well as researching the history and culture of your host destination, will pay off.  The more you prepare now, the better adjusted you will be when you arrive, and the more you will learn about your host culture and yourself.  We encourage you to reach out to UW-Madison students who have previously participated on your program, if applicable, as an additional resource in your preparation.

Our handbook contains important information for programs abroad as well as in the United States. For students on programs in the United States, there are sections in this handbook that are specific to going abroad and do not apply to you.

Review the information thoroughly upon your acceptance to your program. Use it as a reference when you have questions later on. Our expectation is not that you memorize this material, but that you know where to find it and contact us if you have questions or need additional information.

We look forward to working with you throughout your experience!

MyStudyAbroad Account

All students accepted to a UW-Madison study abroad program receive a MyStudyAbroad (MySA) account. Program acceptance and participation matters on a program are managed through this account. Your MySA account is where you will: complete certain tasks, obtain information, and stay informed about your program. Check this account on a regular basis to keep informed about program details.