Joseph Halaas

Position title: Director of WSB International Programs


Phone: (608) 262-9037

3150 Grainger Hall

Joseph Halaas


I have worked in the Wisconsin School of Business since 2010. In my role as Director of International Programs, I support a team that develops and delivers business-focused study abroad programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Our team also works with other global programs, partnerships, and initiatives. My first time leaving the country was when I studied abroad for a year in Paris. While in France, I took my courses in French, volunteered at a local school, lived with a host family, and completed an internship. Another thing that made that year so special was that I never left France! I felt fortunate to visit different cities within France, and to really explore Paris! After graduating from college, I taught English in France and French in Switzerland. Then, I returned to the USA where I worked in publishing for a couple years. I eventually moved to Madison for graduate school, and never left! Madison has become my home, and I have worked supporting international education in a number of offices across the UW-Madison campus. Outside of work, I like to run, explore the UW-Madison Arboretum, and watch cat videos!