Amanda Hammatt

Position title: Director, International Engineering Studies & Programs


Phone: (608) 263-2191

1150 Engineering Hall

Amanda Hammatt


As the Director of International Engineering Studies & Programs (IESP), I develop and maintain partnerships with institutions around the world that provide opportunities for UW engineering students to make degree progress while abroad. I also support engineering exchange students coming to UW-Madison from around the world.

My first international experiences were in the 1980’s to several unique destinations, which continue to pique my interest to this day. My family spent several summers teaching English to high school students in Poland and I’m still in contact with some of those friends. I also participated on study tours to Central America during the conflicts that ravaged those countries at that time.

My time abroad in high school contributed to my interest in majoring in Spanish while at Beloit College and led me to study abroad in Ecuador. Upon graduation, I worked for several years in Mexico helping coordinate study abroad programs. I returned to UW-Madison to complete my master’s degree, after which I was fortuitous to be able to return to Latin America, living for almost three years in Colombia. During that time, I never left the country and rarely left Bogotá, so I had the opportunity to explore and enjoy many of the city’s nooks and crannies as well as the culture.

I have been at UW-Madison since 1999 and have worked in international education for most of my time on campus. Outside of work, I love to cook (especially ethnic food) and bake, enjoy time with my family and get out and about!