Kimberly Harn

Position title: IIP Advisor and Program Manager


252 Bascom Hall


I am an Advisor and Program Manager for the International Internship Program (IIP), where I help cultivate and advise on internships in Latin America and Northern & Western Africa. Originally from Seattle, Washington, I have lived, studied, and worked in Memphis, Tennessee; Guanajuato, México; Madrid, Spain; Ann Arbor, Michigan and now in Madison. I have a bachelor’s degree in History from Rhodes College and a master’s degree in Educational Studies from the University of Michigan. My interest in Latin America and Spain developed while studying abroad in México and Ecuador as an undergraduate student and working in Spain as an auxiliar de conversación (“language assistant”) in a small rural village outside of Madrid. Before joining the IIP in August 2022, I worked as an ESL, Bilingual and Social Studies educator in schools in Michigan and Wisconsin. In my free time, I love to do yoga, cook, travel, and spend time with my cat, family, and friends.