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UW Global Gateway Initiative

The Global Gateway Initiative is a partnership between International Academic Programs (IAP), the Office of Student Financial Aid, and the Institute for Regional and International Studies, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to increase access to study abroad.

Study abroad provides opportunities for students to advance their academic studies while developing global skills that will help them to stand out to potential employers, including increasing students’ confidence and expanding their worldview. However, UW students state that cost is the number one barrier to study abroad participation.

The Global Gateway Initiative makes invaluable experiences accessible to students who otherwise might not be able to study abroad while at UW-Madison in two ways: Summer programs and Fellowships.

Global Gateway Initiative Values:

  • Global competency and experience is necessary to succeed in today’s world.
  • Global learning continues throughout a student’s career at UW-Madison, both on campus and away.
  • Financial barriers should not prevent access to these opportunities.

Diversity & Inclusion

International Academic Programs is committed to providing quality study abroad and domestic study away programs for every UW-Madison student. We work strategically to identify, address, and remove barriers that may prevent participation and to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for students. Our staff actively engages with students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds and prioritizes the continuous development of our knowledge and cultural competence. IAP also recognizes the importance of increasing access to study abroad for historically underrepresented student populations. We are committed to diversity and inclusion so that every student can engage with and understand their identity through a new lens and continue to develop and make progress on their personal, professional, and academic goals.

  • Full-time, matriculated UW–Madison undergraduate student.
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing.
  • FAFSA submitted; EFC $12,000 or lower preferred for summer programs, required for the UW Global Gateway Fellowship.
  • UW Global Gateway Summer Program participation is limited to students who have completed one or two years of study at UW-Madison.
  • UW Global Gateway Fellowship recipients must be planning to return to UW-Madison for at least one semester following their program participation.
  • Students who have previously participated on a UW Global Gateway Program or received a UW Global Gateway Fellowship are not eligible to be receive a second UW Global Gateway award.
Advising Location


Application Deadline(s)
Global Gateway Summer Programs Third Friday in January
Global Gateway Fellowships January 10, 2020


“The Global Gateway program gave me confidence to pursue difficult classes, and apply for competitive programs and scholarships.”

UW Global Gateway Summer Programs

The UW Global Gateway Summer Programs are highly-structured, thematic four-week study abroad programs specially designed to introduce first and second year students from diverse backgrounds and academic fields to international and global issues. Each program provides a full scholarship, including airfare, for 15 students with demonstrated financial need (preference give to students with EFC under $12,000) to study in non-traditional locations.

On these programs, a UW-Madison faculty member will direct a group of Badgers to a different location around the globe to introduce students to issues of global importance and prepare students for success in an increasingly interconnected world. These programs use the host country as a classroom and are experiential and interdisciplinary. Locations, themes, courses, and faculty will vary from program to program to attract as broad a range of students as possible. Students will earn 5 in-residence credits upon completion of their program.

Previous programs have run in Shanghai, China (2014, 2015) and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2016, 2017, 2018), India and Botswana (Summer 2019), with programs running in India, Botswana and Peru during summer 2020.

Information on past programs and student experiences can be found our student voices tab.


Photo of UW-Madison students in India Botswana Okavango Delta

UW Global Gateway in India

Discover religious and political pluralism while studying in India’s capital of Delhi.

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UW Global Gateway in Peru

Investigate the historical and cultural significance of Andean cultures and the forces of globalization within Peru.


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UW Global Gateway in Botswana

Explore culture, education, public health and environmental issues within contemporary Botswana.

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UW Global Gateway Fellowships

The UW Global Gateway Fellowships are designed to provide students the access to the UW-Madison approved semester or year-long study abroad program of their choice, as well as the one semester-long domestic study away program, UW Wisconsin in Washington, DC Internship Program, which best meets their academic and professional goals.

Each participant will receive a $10,000 fellowship towards their program costs.

Note: The fellowship application deadline is earlier than most study abroad program application deadlines. This allows recipients to know whether they have received a fellowship BEFORE committing to a program.


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The UW Global Gateway Initiative engages all students before, during, and after their program experiences to:

  • Support the Wisconsin Idea by helping students bring their experiences back to campus and the greater Wisconsin community, including the international student community.
  • Maximize students connection to international activity on campus and to integrate their experience abroad with their academic careers at UW-Madison and their professional development.

To achieve these goals, students on either a UW Global Gateway Summer Program or receiving a semester or year-long fellowship will be required to complete specially designed pre- and post-program engagements and on-site activities as follows:


  1. Attend a program specific pre-departure orientation.
  2. Attend a UW Global Gateway Initiative pre-departure dinner with return students, faculty and staff.

During Program

  1. Contribute to the program blog, to help reflect on your experience and to explore issues of global importance from a comparative lens.
  2. Produce optional digital media that illustrates the student experience while on the program, including but not limited to video blogs, photography, or social media posts which could be featured on the study abroad website or social channels.


  1. Submit a narrative of your program experience.
  2. Participate in one K-12 related outreach activity (on-campus, around the Madison community, or in your hometown).
  3. Attend a UW Global Gateway outreach event with students, faculty and staff.
  4. Pursue opportunities for student positions in international-related offices on campus, and the Bridge Mentor Program, as well as activities, events, and courses offered by the Area Studies Centers.


Student Quotes

“Global Gateway has helped make me more prepared for potential employers. Having Global Gateway on my resume helps employers know that I value diversity and an inclusive environment…During my time abroad, I gained leadership skills, lessons in cultural competency, and a new global perspective. Moreover, I am very willing to work abroad while before I think I would have been hesitant to accept a career outside the US.”

“Global Gateway introduced me to communities and groups of people that I would never have met otherwise. The diversity of the group was wonderful, and I continue to be friends with the people on my program to this day.”

“[The summer programs are] a perfect opportunity for first time study abroad students. Studying abroad alone for an entire semester can be very intimidating. It was a really great opportunity meeting and becoming close with the 14 other students on this program. It also provided for a strong support system while studying abroad.”

“While I was in China, I felt empowered – the experience gave me the tools and the drive to pursue something I felt extremely passionate about. This is what led me to choose a Psychology double major, and it has influenced my academic career ever since.”

“I feel more prepared to take my career to different regions of the world and beyond that, I feel that I now have a more encompassing view of the world and the people in it, how individuals from different areas communicate and understand each other. With my new interpretations and views of the world, I feel like I am better prepared to work in my field no matter where it takes me or with whom I have to work with/for.”

“My professor and my peers also created an environment where we were able to have quality and in-depth conversations over prominent issues in Brazil and in the United States like race, poverty, and oppression. These conversations added to my learning experience by hearing what others think and how these issues affect different communities and people.”

“The Global Gateway program gave me confidence to pursue difficult classes, and apply for competitive programs and scholarships.”


Read about current & past students’ adventures.

Global Gateway Blogs

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2019 Botswana

2018 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil >>

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Watch videos about the program.

Alyssa Hui, 2018 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil >>


Global Gateway Program Expands to Botswana and India


How to Apply


UW Global Gateway Summer Programs

  1. Review the information for Prospective Students.
  2. Review specific Academic Planning information.
  3. Visit the UW Global Gateway Summer Program web pages and choose the program that best fits your academic, personal, and professional goals.
    NOTE: Students may only apply for one UW Global Gateway Summer Program per term. Participation is limited to students who have only completed one or two years of study at UW-Madison.
  4. Follow the steps to apply through the specific UW Global Gateway Summer Program page.


UW Global Gateway Fellowships

  1. Review fellowship deadline, eligibility requirements, and application details >>
  2. Apply for a semester or year-long study abroad program listed on the Study Abroad Program Search.
  3. Apply for the UW Global Gateway Fellowship >>
    NOTE: Recipients must be planning to return to UW-Madison for at least one semester following their program participation.

Students who have previously participated on a UW Global Gateway Program or received a UW Global Gateway Fellowship are not eligible to be receive a second UW Global Gateway award.