Courses, Credit, and Grades

Course Enrollment

All participants on programs in the U.S. and abroad are automatically enrolled for a single “Study Abroad Course” for their program’s term. This acts as a placeholder and allows students to maintain continuous enrollment at UW-Madison. The placeholder will appear on their student record in a few different ways, depending on the type of program, but serves the same purpose regardless of the course number.

Students will see one of the following placeholder courses on their record:

  • AdminUse 100 Study Abroad
  • AdminUse 200 Exchange Program
  • AdminUse 910 Graduate-Level Study Abroad

The following chart lists the amount of credits they will be enrolled for, varying by term.

Term Abroad Placeholder Credits
Academic Year 18 credits per term
Calendar Year 18 credits per term
Fall 18 credits
Spring 18 credits
Summer 2-12 credits
Winter 1-4 credits
Spring Break 1 credit

The placeholder is replaced with the actual course equivalents, credits and grades earned after the completion of their program, receipt of transcript, and course equivalencies have been finalized.  When calculating remaining credits to graduate, note that students’ actual credits earned will vary based on the classes they take on their program, and in many cases will not exactly match the placeholder credits.

Program Completion & Final Course, Credit, and Grade Processing

We post courses, credits, and grades to your students’ UW-Madison academic record after their transcript/grade report is received. Additionally, students must have submitted all of their CER requests through their MyStudyAbroad account. Your student will be sent a final Grade Report before final processing of their courses, credits, and grades. They are asked to review this report with their academic advisor before approving the report. Students are given 30 days to review and approve the report. If your student fails to do so, we will forward the report to the Registrar’s Office for final posting.