Credit for International Internships

Internships are an extension of the classroom. There is great benefit to integrating academic work and reflection into your experience. An internship course will offer you additional guidance through your experience and help you connect it to your academic goals, professional development and career exploration. Our course connects you to peers interning around the world to share experiences and explore working across cultures.

By participating in the Worldwide Internship Program (WIP) you will be enrolled in IS-523 and have the option to add an additional independent study.

 International Studies 523 (IS-523): Culture & The Global Workplace (3 credits)

Independent Study: You can add 1-3 credits of directed/independent study with a faculty member. It is up to you to set this up and it must follow campus policy. Please consult with an Intern Abroad advisor if you’re interested in adding an independent study.

When adding an independent study or other coursework you should consider all responsibilities while abroad: a full-time internship, IS–523 online course, independent travel, etc. The Intern Abroad team strongly discourages enrolling in more than six credits.

Using WIP to fulfill degree requirements

The IS-523 course will appear on your UW transcript. If you would like to use this course for an internship or field experience requirement in your major or certificate (e.g. Global Health, SOHE, Rehab Psych) you should discuss this with your Intern Abroad Advisor and your academic or career advisor as soon as possible to allow enough time for the review and approval process before your internship begins. Please talk to your academic advisor to inquire if the course may fulfill other requirements.


By participating in the Worldwide Internship Program (WIP) you will receive:

  • Enrollment in international health & travel insurance
  • 24/7 emergency support through IAP
  • In-person components through a pre-departure orientation, check-in with an Intern Abroad advisor while abroad and re-entry meeting
  • Continuous enrollment at UW-Madison
  • Eligibility for many internship, study abroad, campus and national scholarships
  • Credit earned from completing the IS-523 course

Credit may be required by your host organization or for you to be eligible for the appropriate visa. For students interning in the semester, WIP will maintain your student status so that you keep your position for registration, your UW email active and any student loans you have from going into repayment. Many scholarships require enrollment so it may expand your funding options, including financial aid depending on credit number and duration.

  • Accepted for a UW Signature Internship, internship placement program or external internship outside the U.S.
  • Undergraduate UW-Madison student
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA*
  • Minimum internship length of 4 weeks, 100 hours
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing

Students interning while on a UW-Madison study abroad program may also be able to enroll.

*students below a 2.5 may be able to receive an exception. Contact an Intern Abroad advisor for more information.

UW Signature Internship

You will automatically be enrolled in WIP if you accept a UW Signature Internship. There is no need to fill out a separate WIP application.


External Internships

If you have found your own internship abroad and would like to earn WIP credit, you need to submit a WIP application.

  1. Log in to the International Internship Database with your NetID.
  2. Select the WIP course corresponding to the term* you will be interning abroad.
  3. Click the “Apply Now” button in the gray side bar.
  4. Complete your application and submit by the deadline!

Typically, WIP applications are due on the following timeline:

  • Summer term internship: early March
  • Spring term internship: early October

Check the WIP application for specific deadlines and instructions. WIP applications can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis after our deadline. Contact an Intern Abroad advisor for more information.

Even if you are still in the early planning stage or your internship isn’t finalized yet, please submit what you do know at the deadline.

After submitting you will meet with an Intern Abroad advisor to review your plans. Please come in for advising so we can help you with the process.

*students who plan on completing a fall or academic year internship abroad should contact an Intern Abroad advisor for how to enroll in WIP.

Program fee vary based on your residency.

Your program fee will cover:

  • international health and travel insurance
  • 3 credit online course
  • advising and administrative support

Summer Fees:
Wisconsin Resident: $800
Minnesota Resident: $1050
Non-Resident: $1200

Semester Fees:
Wisconsin Resident: $850
Minnesota Resident: $1100
Non-Resident: $1250

Both campus and national scholarships are available for international internships. It is important to think about and apply for scholarships early, even before your internship is confirmed. Estimated expenses will vary greatly depending on your internship, location and personal preferences. Start budgeting early.

Scholarship and funding resources